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West High 1964 Alumni welcomes you to our website.

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The West High 1964 Alumni have celebrated their 50th year Reunion and from the response we received, we rocked this reunion and everyone had a great time. We want everyone to stay in touch, let those who didn’t make it know about the website. Everyone should register on the site in order to receive further announcements and to comment on a post or blog.
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You can also visit our facebook West High1964 page.

We will be posting pictures from the reunion, so keep checking back.

4 thoughts on “1964 West High School Alumni!”

  1. Hi everybody!
    It’s my pleasure and a great time in our school history to be welcoming everyone to the 50th year reunion. May this find everyone happy, healthy and ready to rock this reunion. Can you believe that it’s been a half century? Wow!! 🙂 🙂

  2. Well it’s all over, it was great, but now we start looking toward the next reunion in 2019, so start getting ready for that one.!
    See you then! May you all have good health, and don’t forget to include fun and laughter, as those are the spices of life.

    1. You’ve done such an amazing job with this website. The memorials left me stunned as to how many friends we have lost. Do you have pictures from the reunion? How did “the dance” at Joan’s house go over with the crowd?. Thanks, Andy

      1. Hi Linda, thank you for the compliment. Yes we have lost a few of our friends, I think that with what we have done here we have shown that we can take the time to honor and remember those who have touched our lives, and with this gesture we have included them in our reunion. If your referring to the Luncheon at Joan’s house it was great. Lots of good food and drink and seeing old friends was best of all.
        Pictures will be posted shortly, if anyone out there have any please forward them to me.

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